Motorcycle Amplifier Buying Guide: What to Look For?

Can you just imagine a long journey without listening to your favorite song? Driving through the highway, seeing all the beauties all around, without a perfect song in the background – is not the perfect scenario. Music always sets the mood for extreme driving and it never fails to make the journey more enjoyable. But you need a separate type of technology for this, if your ride is a two-wheeler. Having thought of the peculiarities of a two-wheeler vehicle, professional motorcycle amplifiers are designed.

The main function of an amplifier within a car stereo player can be identified as- boosting radio signals, powering up speakers, CD players and other inputs as well. Motorcycle amplifiers are also designed in a similar manner- to boost the sound from a radio or mobile device to the headphones or speaker system of the rider. In addition, motorbike amps offer some extra features which include consistency in performance levels even while the bike is rolling over any surface, under any weather conditions and also an external sound source for make the sound accurate.


To get the most out of your motorcycle amplifier, you need to identify properly which amplifier is going to serve you the best. If you are willing to buy a brand-new motorcycle amplifier, you would definitely need to know about certain factors. Furthermore, these factors can be categorized into two parts –

  1. Performance part: measures the sound quality, output power and signal consistency.
  2. Structural part: measures the amp’s sustainability against rough weather conditions, constant vibrations and bumping of the ride itself.

These two parts include several factors which should be taken into account whenever someone wants to buy a motorcycle amplifier. This will be an easy guide for you to pick the best choice and also keep your investment safe.

Match the Speakers to the amps:

The amp’s wattage must be equal to or greater than the speakers. If the speaker is too powerful for the amp, the sound can be distorted. For the amp to be able to deliver enough power to the speaker, any kind of distortion has to be avoided. The thing one needs to check is the amount of power the motorbike amps consistently puts out and the amount of power the speaker needs for best sound quality.

You need to consider the RMS or peak rate of an amp which indicates the distortion level or clipping based on current and voltage. Motorbike amps use 12-volt power sources and compatibility between the speaker and the amplifier is a must.

Customize your sound:

Having high and low pass filters, a bass boost and speaker level inputs, the best motorcycle amplifiers will allow you to customize your sound. An EQ should be also included to adjust the sound with respect to your choice.


Number of Channels:

One of the most essential things before you buy a motorcycle amp is to check the number of channels required. The amplifiers offer a number of channels – single channel (mono), two channels (stereo), and multiple channels (usually a number of four channels). A stereo amp is the most common, however four-channel amp provides more options. The number of channels required in an amp for a mini motorcycle depend on the number of speakers that are required to be powered.

Easy Installation:

The amp should have an easy installation process so that it does not put much stress on the motorbike. It should include mounting brackets or other hardware that will allow you to put it on your bike freely. The design and the size of the amp should match the installation structure to have the best possible performance.

 Physical Size of the Amplifier:

The size of the amp has to be figured out with accordance to the size of the bike that you are


using. It should be kept in mind that one should not think of buying larger sized amplifiers with a thought of keeping it underneath the bike seat. The size of the amp has to match seamlessly with the rest of the audio equipment.

Wired versus Bluetooth:

If you think mostly about your convenience while using the amp, you cannot but prefer Bluetooth Motorcycle Amplifier over the wired one. Having no wires makes it really easy to carry and also it offers some other functions like controlling the radio and connecting to Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices.

Finally, we can say that no one can be sure of getting the best product from market all the time, but having proper knowledge to justify the products is the most important part of buying a good long-durable product. Now you can just hurry up and get yourself a motorcycle amplifier to make all your two-wheeler journeys most enjoyable and less stressful. You would not want to waste such an exceptional opportunity to try out this amazing technology.