Most Expensive BMX Bikes In The World!

After we have embraced our interest in the BMX sport, there’s one doubt that intrigues us: which are the most expensive bikes out there? Are they a good investment to make?

It is true that we often say a higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality, but in this case, we can assure you that higher price definitely means you get the best of the best.

During this article, we’re going to review the most expensive BMX bikes available for us. We will check what they have to offer, and analyze if they are a good investment to make.

Got your bank account ready? Then let’s take a look!

Most Expensive BMX Bikes In The World

Now we’ll take a look at the top 5 BMX bikes with higher prices. These bikes are symbols of excellence, and there’s one for every rider.

1. WeThePeople Envy BMX Bike 2019

There are several reasons why WeThePeople has remained as a top brand over the past years. This brand manages to produce quality equipment that every rider should consider buying. Naturally, if you’re interested in buying one of these bikes, you will need a big budget.

This particular bike model sits at the top of the brand’s Elite series, surpassing other models from the same brand that are worthy acquisitions as well.

The Envy’s frame construction includes high-tensile Sanko, which is a tube set that features tapered stays. It also includes gussets, as well as an integrated chain for better tension. This frame is an incredible structure for a BMX, and you can’t find this amount of quality in other bikes. WeThePeople dedicates the same special attention for the bar and fork, and they manage to provide a bike that excels in every area. When you’re looking for an expensive BMX that can match your demands, this equipment is among best you’re going to find.

2. Sunday Soundwave Special BMX Bike

This bike has barely any opponent for the best BMX bike spot, and it makes sure that you take care of your adversaries in competitions. It features the Sunday frame that is famously known for its quality and for being a structure capable of enduring plenty of abuse to get you to the top.

On top of that, it takes full advantage of other BMX parts from renamed brands. It gives us enough room to customize it as much as we want, with the parts that we prefer.

The Soundwave Special offers high versatility to ride on different types of terrain, which enables us to become the best not only at certain BMX style but at many of them. The bike’s pedaling power, a simple but beautiful design, and the capacity to resist rough applications make this bike a product that we cannot ignore.

3. WeThePeople Battleship Freecoaster BMX

When we’re looking for expensive BMX bikes, we don’t do it because we want to throw away our money. We do it because we want to make an investment in an incredible bike. Our goal is to get a bike that meets a set of requirements: it must have quality parts, durable, and great design.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find a bike that meets all of those requirements. It took us some time, but we’ve finally come across the Battleship Freecoaster BMX, from WeThePeople.

This bike features an outstanding freecoaster capable of supporting even the most aggressive riders. It quickly adjusts to your riding style, and it won’t disappoint at all.

It also includes a suitable SaltPlus Warlock chain. This chain, as well as the chain guard that keeps the parts in their place, ensure that you will have a bike for a long period of time. It gives us the possibility to perform at the most demanding level pushing the bike to its limits.

We also have to mention its beautiful design. It only needed us to look at it once, and it got our attention immediately.

4. WeThePeople Revolver 2019 Bike

WTP takes yet another spot in our list. It is no surprise; their goal is to make the highest quality BMX equipment. So far, they’re doing pretty good at it.

The main advantage of this bike is that you can use it over different surfaces efficiently. It is designed to work great on dirt, but also to deliver outstanding performance over flatland. The Revolver bike quickly adjusts to your style, demands, and necessities.

Both the bar and the frame take full advantage of Eclat Pulse hubs. The bike also features Overbite tires, which can endure rough and extended riding sessions without losing their integrity.

Additionally, it also offers WTP’s compact headset, as well as the popular CNC Patrol stem that improves the design of any bike.

WeThePeople continues to prove their reputation by delivering another awesome BMX bike for every type of rider.

5. Subrosa x Shadow BMX 2019 Bike

This combination remains as one of the best collaborations between brands.

Subrosa is one of the biggest brands when it comes to producing great bikes and frames. On the other hand, we have Shadow Conspiracy, which mainly focuses on producing BMX parts.

Most BMX brands often use parts from a third party to improve their bikes. It is a common practice that effectively results in good products. For that reason, when Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy decided to join their forces, we couldn’t expect anything but an incredible production coming from it.

This bike features Subrosa’s exclusive frame and forks, which complement effectively with the quality parts provided by Shadow Conspiracy. A couple of the components Shadow Conspiracy brings to the table are the chain and its unique top load stem.

These two brands have designed a beautiful saddle as well. Sure, the saddle is not the most important element of any BMX bike, but it is still a good-looking design that captivates us.

Final Words

These five most expensive BMX bikes in this list have risen to the top because of their quality. If you’re looking for expensive bikes, there are none that compare to the ones listed above.