Are Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Safe?

Are Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Safe?

How do you take your motorcycle to the shop or for a trip with a destination that’s too far away to travel by motorcycle?

That is when you need a motorcycle hitch carrier. Regardless of their usefulness, many argue it to be unreliable. So this article tries to clear the confusion some people have about whether motorcycle hitches are safe or not.

What Are Motorcycle Hitch Carriers?

Motorcycle hitch carriers are simple equipment that allows you to secure your motorcycle at the back of your vehicle and move it around. This is not like towing which requires more control of the vehicle.

The hitch carrier is attached to your car at the back like a bike rack. Even if you own trucks or pickups, having a motorcycle hitch is useful because pulling the motorcycle up at the back of your pickup is a daunting task and is bound to leave some marks on your vehicle.

Factors to Consider

There are some factors that you must be aware of if you are thinking of purchasing a motorcycle hitch carrier. These factors are listed below.

  • Materials

Hitch carriers are usually made of aluminum and steel. Each of the materials used has the pros and cons of its own. You have to make sure you keep your steel hitch carrier rust-free consistently, but it can carry a huge load.


Aluminum, on the other hand, does not corrode but cannot carry heavy loads. So it depends on your motorcycle and purposes of moving it around to choose between the two materials.

  • Weight

Every carrier is assigned to a range of weight it can carry safely. So you carry beyond that weight the hitch carrier might break off. So it’s wise to weigh your motorcycle before making any decisions.

  • Vehicle Type

You have to factor in the weight of your car and how much weight it can carry on its back. Hitches are divided into 5 groups depending on how much weight they can carry and the type of vehicle used to move it around. So check which group your vehicle falls under so chose the perfect hitch carrier for you.

  • Ease of Installation

If you chose the right hitch carrier for your vehicle then you shouldn’t have much trouble installing it. However, before purchasing it make sure you understand the procedure because installation gone wrong can be dangerous.

  • Ramp Length

The ramp length again depends on the type of vehicle you use to move the motorcycle around. Make sure the ramp is long enough to load your motorcycle without scratching your car.


Over the years, hitch carriers have been redesigned in accordance with bikers rights, to minimize accidents. So it is safe to say that using a motorcycle hitch carrier is safe if you consider the factors mentioned in this article and make a calculated choice.