Tom Faunce

 Tom Faunce  

My Father, My Hero


My father, Thomas Faunce, was born in Detroit, Michigan to Carl and Theresa Faunce. He was the fourth child out of seven boys and five girls. I do not know much about my father’s childhood because he has never been one to talk about himself. But I do know that although he had a loving mother and family, he endured many hardships and loss. I believe his father died in a house fire while my father was in his early teens. And I know he spent many years in different homes, due to circumstances unknown to me. It was during that time that I believe my father began to understand the feeling of being left behind and therefore, the importance of love and being with family.


My father became a Christian on March 18, 1976 and has been serving the Lord ever since. He met my mother Julie when he was 28; my parents have been married for 32 years now and are still in love. Together, my parents had four children: Micah, Melody, Anna and Jesse. I am the third child, Anna.


My father became a soldier for the United States Army in the 1960’s and served in Vietnam for two tours. Although that was many years ago, the soldier in him has never left. The courage and strength that he possesses truly amazes me. But that’s not the only thing that makes him my hero. He is my hero because whatever the cost, wherever there is need, he will go. He will go to the most dangerous of places, where others would not dare go, in order to touch the life of another. He helps by putting in wells for villages without water, by delivering medical supplies, clothing, toys and the most important thing, the word of God. He has such a heart for God and a love for others.


I am truly blessed to have my hero be my father. My father is a true Soldier for Christ and a true American soldier, and by being so he will never leave a brother in arms behind (or anyone for that matter). He will not cease until his brothers are home where they belong. These words are not enough; I could never truly explain with so few words how much my father means to me and all the reasons why he is my hero. He has my heart and is a true inspiration. I thank God for my father. He fought for my freedom and has shown me what it truly means to be a Christian as well as what it means to be a soldier. The values, the honor, the courage, the strength beyond measure, the brotherhood, no brother left behind...thank you Dad for all that you have done; it’s an honor to be called your daughter.


Anna Faunce



 Click here to read an excerpt from the book "A Soldiers Story" by Tom Faunce. 



Tom Faunce dedicates his life to others at his own free will, but he can certainly use a helping hand. If you want to contribute and make a difference, donate any amount you see fit because every single penny will help be the change. Please support Tom's journey to make the world a better place and spread awareness about people in dire need. Your donations will go towards clothing, medicine and the construction of water wells.

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