John H. Robertson

 John Hartley Robertson John Hartley Robertson, known as Johnny to friends and family, was born in Birmingham, Alabama on October 25, 1936. He was the third of five children born to his parents, John Cheslea and Mildred Robertson. Johnny grew up during World War II, admiring the bravery and adventurous lifestyles of the men who fought and sometimes gave their lives for their country. At 17, Johnny dropped out of high school and got his GED so that he could join the Army.

A respectful and confident young man with seemingly no fears, Johnny was well suited for the army and eventually joined the United States Army Special Forces, better known as the Green Berets. He was later chosen to join an elite Special Operations Group known as Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). On May 20, 1968, he was onboard a medevac mission when the helicopter he was in crashed after being attacked by enemy fire. Because of enemy activity in the area, a full search mission was not possible and Johnny was declared Missing in Action. On April 28, 1976, Johnny was officially declared dead by the military, leaving behind a wife and two small daughters as well as his parents and four siblings.




John H. Robertson as remembered by Edward Mahoney

Judy Powell, Niece of John Robertson...

Gail Metcalf (Niece), Jean Robertson Holley (Sister) and Ed Mahoney remember John....



Photos from the Robertson Family archives...

John and Jean Robertson
John H. Robertson's Parents, JC and Mildred
John H. Robertson's Parents, JC and Mildred
Jean and John Robertson
John Robertson
JC Robertson, John's Father
JC Robertson, John's Father




1968-Helicopter Shot Down-1

1968-Helicopter Shot Down-2

1968-US Army Letter to Parents

1968-US Army Letter to Wife

1969-Parents Letter to Army

1982_1991_1995-DPMO Investigation

1991-JCRC Investigation-1


1991-JCRC Investigation-2


2001-DPMO Crash Site Survey

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