unclaimed - across the fence

Unclaimed is a documentary film that follows one man’s personal journey to help an individual claiming to be a fellow American and help him find his way home. What begins as a man on a search to find a missing soldier, transforms into the story of a man finding some of the lost parts of himself. The film is a small, yet intimate story within that of a much larger political and historical narrative spanning more than forty years.

While every film is limited in length by a host of factors, ACROSS THE FENCE is a way for you to learn more about the film’s participants and history surrounding the events of the Vietnam War that might not fit into the narrative approach of Tom’s quest to help John. Whether you want to learn more about MACV SOG, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial or the issues surrounding servicemen Missing In Action, we hope this will be both an immersive and interactive experience that will provide deeper insights into the issues and questions surrounding the story of John Hartley Robertson and other American servicemen listed as MIA.

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